Wednesday, December 09, 2009

That One

It seems as if I'm always looking for "that one" something I can never find.

That one sock... That one form... That one article I read online... That one pen I just had a minute ago... The list is endless. The worst though, is trying to find "that one" piece of music. The reason? My house, my car, my office and my studio are overflowing with pieces of music. Putting my hands on "that one" is maddening at best, frustrating, time-consuming and occasionally futile at worst.

It's very much like trying to find that one needle in that one haystack.

This is an especially lousy time to be hunting down that one piece of music, because it's the holiday gig season (not to mention the end of the semester for my voice students) and there are piles of music EVERYWHERE. Equally maddening is the fact that I am absolutely positive that that one piece of music is around somewhere. Where? I don't know. But since I know that I don't throw them out (blessing, meet curse) it's simply a matter of guessing in which pile of printed paper and which archeological layer it might be found.

I need a "that one" divining rod. Or a GPS signaling device. Or a Cabana Boy that knows how to sort and file. Something to keep my music under control. And once I figure it out, I can move on to my next project: finding that one shoe under my bed.

1 comment:

Carol, Song of Joy said...

Frequently heard at our house was the phrase: "It's around here somewhere!"
Which, of course, meant that no one knew where the hell it was! :)