Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Haiku for Grownups

Falling snow. Peaceful,
Silent. Winter's white mantle.
Not this sideways shit.

Some winter journeys
Begin with a single fall.
Human Zambonis.

He who dashes through
snow is not wearing snowpants,
and has to pee bad.

Latest winter craze:
Fleece blanket with sleeves. For those
otherwise confused?!

It's time to hunker
in my bed bunker. Two cat-
comforter pileup.

Holiday Schedule.
Forget the egg nog and grog.
Need No-Doze and Jolt.

The poem says it's
"miles to go before I sleep."
Here "sleep" equals "post"

Tiny icicles
shimmer and dance. I need to
blow my nose. Badly.

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