Monday, May 10, 2004


Ewww. Total Blogger overhaul. People, I don't have time for this right now! Needless to say, everything is all anew and askew and a-I-don't-know-what. For the time being, I'm not changing anything because I need to time to figure out what's better and what's worse.

A guarded and generally uninterested "well done" to the winner of Survivor All-Stars. I've tried to view some of the groveling videos for the 2nd million give-a-way on Thursday. The CBS site is a bit wonky this morning (read: slammed), so viewing the videos of groveling has been a bit tough. In case you can't see them, this is what you've missed:

1. Oil of Olay Ad -- gah, these are annoying --

Alicia -- When you start your begging by saying "LOOK" in a way that you're certain a lecture is bound to follow, people might not be too sympathetic. Her argument: Always honest. Always truthful. Tell's it to you straight. Always She speaks her mind. If you're strong and you speak your mind, then vote for her dag-nab-it.

Amber -- Giddy. Dumbah. She already has a million! She has a beautiful ring! But give her another million anyway! ! !! !!!!

Colby -- He's the only guy in the history of ever that has stuck to his alliance knowing it would cost him the million. Give it to him because he's most deserving. I don't know about deserving. Maybe most gullible.....

Ethan -- Would give this million away to all the other Survivor's charities. Meh. Who needs a middle-man? Sorry Soccer-boy.

Jenna L. -- Well...there was something about twins, I think. And having a million dollars so she wouldn't have to ask for a million dollars. Honestly, I can't understand half of what she's talking about. But the last half of her mile-a-minute rant was appealing to all the tye-dyers, pirates and Dead-Heads, telling everybody to vote for Rupert because he's going to win anyway. Uh, word.

Jenna M. -- Breast Cancer research. She promises.

2. Tide Ad. Grrrrr.

Black Screen of "Jerri Elected Not to Participate"

Kathy -- Works hard, appreciates the players, got robbed in Marquesas. Works hard. Knows how to play. Works hard.

Lex -- Played the game twice with his heart. I thought he played the first game with his GUT? Thinks America should vote with their hearts.

Richard -- Give it to the guy who played the game the best. That's Richard! The best. Don't forget, he's the best.

Rob C. -- He'll give half the money to Rupert and take Big Tom out to dinner. Heh. Cesternino...Out!

Rob M. -- He was strongest. Everybody else is sour grapes. Honest. This time. Not like the other times. Ignore those times. This time he's honest. Honest. Really.

3. Toothpaste Ad. Oy.

Rudy -- Give him the million and he'll give it to his kids. And the next time somebody wants money, he'll say "go talk to my kids." He doesn't like moochers.

Rupert -- Needs it for family. And his mama. And his kids that he mentors. And gosh golly he could help so many people.

Shii-Ann -- She deserves the million because of her strategy. I guess her strategy included getting voted out.

Sue -- If you don't vote for Sue, she wouldn't give you water in the desert and hopes the vultures come out and ... well, you know the rest.

Tina -- Doesn't need the money and doesn't want the money.

Tom -- His speech did not come with subtitles. Something about losing weight and being out there the longest of both Survivor shows. And he'd 'preciate it. Yessir he would!

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Anonymous said...

Oh! There was a Jerri tape when I watched. She wants to take the money and use it to produce a "nice" reality show that isn't EVIL.