Monday, May 17, 2004

Weekend Roundup

First of all, let me just say ... *phew* ...

Friday night TinyTuna sang her last choir concert of the year on the big stage at TunaU. The University runs an auxiliary Community Music School, and one of the major components of the school are several children's choirs. TinyTuna has been singing since she was just a guppy, so now, three years later, she's an old pro.

I'm constantly amazed, baffled and embarrassed by behavior at these concerts. We are increasingly becoming a community of TV and movie watchers with little to no real experience in live performances. But maybe I shouldn't be too hard on them. After all, they are just kids, and they will learn.

Except that I'm not talking about the kids -- I'm talking about the adults in the audience. In behavior that ranged from the mildly irritating to the variety of me-me-me attention-getting ploys, I just shook my head until it nearly disconnected from my body. First there is the pop goes the weasel *SPROING* from the chair once you catch sight of your child entering the auditorium. The jump-up leads directly into the incessant waving that ranges from the five-finger wiggle to the beauty queen wrist-wrist-elbow-elbow to the full fledged Gilligan's Island RESCUE ME flail. It's a bit much.

But the kids perservered, and sang their concert. Their long concert. Their two hours and twenty minutes long concert. Without intermission. (Very. Long.)

Saturday was the usual Grill Dogs - Grocery Stores - Errands type day. The weather improved a bit in the afternoon, and a quick "I'm going to mow the lawn" led to pulling some weeds which led to moving some plants which led to moving a lot of plants, which led to planting more plants in the newly created holes, which led to one extremely sore Tuna on Sunday.

Sunday was a graduation extravaganza for the newest sucker of "hey, I need some free legal advice!" I'd brag about all the food, except that the culinary highlight of the party was TinyTuna's plate of Shrek sugar cookies. Who could resist green frosting and a picture of donkey?

I liked that cookie. That was a NICE cookie.


Anonymous said...

Two hours and twenty minutes??!! That would be too much for Raffie, even!

Anonymous said...

"Raffie". oops.
I guess I better learn how to spell that soon.

chefgrace said...

Those last two comments are from me.