Saturday, May 22, 2004

Hello Karma, My Old Friend

If I had the foresight to save my Friday night chat it would have said something like this:

GREENTUNA: If I suddenly stop talking it's because I've been FREAKING HIT BY LIGHTNING!
(various other chatters): Ha Ha, Ho Ho, LOL, is the weather bad?
GREENTUNA: It's really
Greentuna has left the chat

Yeppers. A couple flashes, some big booms, and whammo! Power flickers, Computer goes down and GreenTuna offers Karma some Tea and Crumpets.

Maybe next time I'll learn to keep my mouth shut.
I crack myself up.


Anonymous said...

....yet you keep sending them my way !! The one which took you out of the chat last night startled me out of my slumber about 1:30am. One strike hit so close to my home that the hair on my arms stood up as it struck. That was the second front of the evening...with two others hitting before dawn. I spent the first hour of the morning plucking my cats off the ceiling.

Glad to hear you made it through the rain....


Anonymous said...

Scary, but Bwah! Here's more from chat that night....
"Green Tuna has left chat"
"Nooooo! Tuuuuunnnnaaaaa...."
"Maybe she really did get struck by lightening"
"Ha Ha, Ho Ho, Lol"

(I'm glad you're alive. That would have been a sucky thing to have happen on YOUR BIRTHDAY;)