Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Look to the Future, A Look to the Past

Yesterday was a big day for a little guy, as my NephewTuna turned a big six years old. This weekend shall be the time time for partying down and consuming large amounts of yummy food,the best of all being the most Holy and Wondrous Blueberry PAH (did I tell you that kid was awesome?). When we can no longer eat another bite, he shall open his presents and cause intense jealousy amongst his sibling and cousins because somebody CAVED IN THE WORST WAY and bought him GameBoy.

I thought we had a deal going here -- No GameBoys. TinyTuna keeps asking for one, and I keep not buying her one, along with many, many other things I won't buy her. Speaking of which, did you know that the latest and greatest graduation gift for girls is not a car -- an equally ridiculous proposition, if you ask me -- but Implants? Lord have mercy, my child is destined for a life full of disappointments.

But I digress. GameBoys. I have many reasons for not plunking down the cabbage and buying one -- and truth be told, if somebody up and bought her one (but please don't) I wouldn't be all that upset -- but as I've said before, kids plug in and tune out all too soon, and I'm trying to postpone that day as long as possible.

To be fair, TinyTuna and her two cousins are very good at keeping themselves occupied without benefit of batteries or control pads. On vacation, the three of them got involved in a long game of Hide and Seek. Keeping in mind that it wasn't raining, and the three of them actually turned off the TV to play, I thought this was pretty cool. Plus, it meant the adults could continue reading at the kitchen table, which is always a bonus. So the three of them picked someone to be "it" and started running all over the house.

Did you know it's possible to play Hide and Seek without cheating? I always thought the rule of counting was "one -- two -- three -- four -- forty -- forty one -- forty nine -- fifty -- fifty six -- sixty -- READY OR NOT HERE I COME!" Evidently, some people actually count without skipping numbers.

So they'd run around and hide and eventually find each other and play again. With a three story house, the hiding places were plenteous, and they were having a good time. As another round began, and the counter began counting, we heard a commotion coming up the outside stairs. NephewTuna along with Dad (BigBrotherTuna) came running in through the sliding door with Dad saying, "this is the PERFECT hiding spot!" We who were mere hide and seek observers looked up from our respective reads, and then looked down again. The two of them ran into the kitchen and the next thing you know, NephewTuna is crawling into the kitchen cupboards with Dad repeating, "You are going to WIN! Nobody will EVER FIND YOU!"

"58-59-60-Ready or Not Here I Come!"

As the seeker seeked downstairs, we continued to read. Every now and again the cupboard doors banged as if a little boy were having a time staying still. I chuckled and said, "He's not going to WIN if he doesn't keep quiet." As the seeker made her way upstairs, Dad instructed NephewTuna to be quiet. *thump*thump* went the cabinets in response.

"I can't find him," the seeker said. "Has anybody seen him?"

The three of us shrugged.

Suddenly from the depths of the kitchen cabinet was a much louder *thump*thump*thump* and a "DAAAAAD!"

"I spy you! I spy you!"
"Buddy! I told you to be quiet!"

The three of us fell over laughing as Dad extricated Nephew from the cabinet, a little too late, as it turned out. The perfect hiding spot was foiled only by the call of nature. But soggy drawers and all, they had a blast -- electronics free.

Happy Birthday my partner in blueberry goodness. I can't wait for Saturday when we (as TinyTuna put it so fabulously during vacation) can be rePIEdrated.



Tonight I am off to my first weaving lesson, courtesey of GramTuna and my birthday. I am the lucky recipient of one of my Grandmother's looms, and it's hard to know who is more excited, my Grandmother or me, to have the opportunity to learn more about it and put it to use. BSTuna was the first to take weaving lessons (she now has Grandmother's biggest loom), and now I am the second. Before long, we'll be getting GramTuna and TinyTuna in there as well, ensuring this creative endeavor continues amongst the Tuna Clan.

I'm hoping I carry a wee bit of my Grandmother's skill and patience at this new craft. We talked about weaving when I saw her on vacation, and she told me that once I learned, weaving was very peaceful and creative. Two things I love -- and need.

Thanks GramTuna! I hope The Weaving Lady knows what she's in for!
Thanks Grandmother. I hope to do you proud.

Daily Haiku -- Thursday Thinker

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What does, or what would, make your life complete?

From a birthday pie
to a Grandmother's old loom
Gifts of the heart, all.

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nk said...

I so admire your parenting convictions. I caved on the gameboy but limit the use. Sean's other "adults" have full blown Playstations and whatnot.

Implants on young women? Sick. Sick. Sick. I'm all for promoting more body self-esteem.

Am super duper excited to learn about weaving! Do tell all! :)