Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Saga Continues

Day Two of TinyTuna's bedroom makeover.

Fact: There are skin peelers and there are non-skin peelers. Skin Peelers know that with each sunburn comes the glorious days to follow when there will be skin to peel. I cannot explain it, but skin peeling is strangely satisfying in a simian throw-back kind of way. I am a skin peeler.

After spending the past two days chip-chip-chipping at untold layers of old paint I have come to the conclusion that my peeling habit is less hobby and more obsession. Several times I would get so exhausted and fed up from the never ending chipping that I would declare "enough" -- only to come back ten minutes later and find one more little patch that looked "easy to get up." Hours and hours and hours later, GramTuna finally had to perform an intervention so we could move on.

This is how insane my bright idea has become: Today we went to Home Depot for the sole purpose of eating a hot dog. Although it's not generally known as a dining establishment, Home Depot is the only place where you can walk in, covered in paint chips and plaster, and nobody will think twice. In fact, several Depot-type workers said hello to us as we chomped on our doggies and chips. It was like being with our people. That is, other people who get stupid ideas about painting a room over a holiday weekend and watch it turn into a disaster.

Post hot-dog, we returned home and set our phasers to "spackle." We spackled and spackled and spackled and spackled, and when we finished with the spackle, we sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded.

Factoid: I do not like to spackle, Sam-I-am.

We figure we have made it over the horrifying hump of preparation. The floors and windows are all taped up and ready to go. Tomorrow it's prime-time, baby. And then, if The Gods are with us, we'll get to the paint. The real paint. Painting with real paint. Which, by the way, has totally lost all of its excitement and romantic allure. I just want the damn thing done. Yesterday.

Oh, and today TinyTuna left for 4 days of camp. Wonder if she'll spackle...


MissMeliss said...

Ooooh, skin's almost compulsive, isn't it? I feel the same way about paint chipping, btw...

And I'm with you on the aversion to spackling.

TV Junkie said...

Ooooh. While I am a skin peeler, I'm not a paint peeler/chipper. I am, however, a fantastic spackler. I love to spackle. And I have been known to drive to Costco just for a hot dog from their little hot dog stand. They are fantastic. And now I'm craving one. Dammit.