Saturday, July 23, 2005

Friday Feast

It's not Friday! I've already eaten dinner and I'm full! Too bad! It's Friday's Feast anyway! Now, with added exclamation points!!!!!

Appetizer: What Kind of Car do you drive? If you could make a change for any other car, what would you want to drive?
Kind of Car: OLD
What kind of change would I make? NEW

Soup: Take Your Phone Number and Add Each Number Together Separately (example 8+6+7+5+3+0+9=38) - what's the total?
First of all, the song reference should be 6-6-7 NOT 8-6-7
Second of all: Total = 34
Third of all: That has to be the oddest question I've ever heard....

Salad: When Were You Last Outside, And What Were You Doing?
45 minutes ago. Putting strawberry pot and two flower baskets out in the driveway, so they could benefit from the lovely evening rain. Go, Rain, Go!

Main Course: What is Your Favorite Restaurant, And What Do You Usually Order There?
This is a deliciously unanswerable question. Too many restaurants, too many choices. This is the good thing about NOT being a picky eater.

Dessert: Name Three Things in Which You Occasionally Indulge
Fiber Arts (Sewing, Spinning, Weaving(!!), Knitting)
Mike's Hard Lemonade
My Boyfriend
Not following directions

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