Thursday, July 07, 2005

Who's Next?

If every human being in every country took their hated and posturing and terrorizing and sanctimonious super-powering and channeled it towards fulfilling the needs of the people on the most basic level -- food, shelter, economic security, tolerance and respect, to name a few -- think of what a better world this would be.

Because at the rate we're going, there won't be any more cars or buses or trains left to blow up. There won't be any buildings to bomb. There won't be anybody left to hate. Or terrorize. Or control. There won't be anybody or anything left.

There won't Be.
We won't Be.

Past-tense. Over and out.


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This from annieclaus:
I am so sad today. It's taking me back to how I felt at 9/11 time. Why are people so vile? When will they stop being vile?

tracie said...


How does the basic humanity get lost on people? Are we all born selfish and hellbent on ruining and destroying others? Is compassion NEVER taught, even as a child?

I guess I can't figure out how human nature can be so cruel.