Monday, July 25, 2005

Emergency Broadcast Message

I'd like to tell you my stories from Cedar Point -- America's Roller COAST

I'd like to tell you about the Bach Coffee Cantata and what it's REALLY about.

I'd like to tell you about my cool Sunday and singing in church with my daughter.

I'd like to tell you about my relaxing Sunday afternoon, listening to music at a local greenhouse that is celebrating it's 25th anniversary.

I'd like to. But I can't.

Post-church we came home to a basement of standing water. Ankle-deep standing water. And remember, my basement is the repository for all things Memory Laden from TinyTuna. Not to mention a fair amount of stuff of mine.

Anyway, my day was lugging things out of the basement. Trying to save things that were dry, and starting to pitch things that were soaked. I have just turned off the 2nd sump pump (after six hours or so), and now, it's a basement of extreme dampness and small puddles instead of Titanic II -- We Were Just Kidding Before. Tomorrow is plumbers and water removal guys and wet-vacs, Oh My!!

Oh, and we lost power for most of the day too -- just to add to our specialness.

I may not be a sweatball, but I'm an exhausted-ball.


nk said...

Oh, darlin', you have my sincerest sympathies. As a packrat collector, I can feel your grief.

Was Fabio the Fabulous OK?

Angel said...

Oh I'm so sorry :(