Sunday, June 04, 2006

Culture Club

TinyTuna has always been a fairly savvy concert-goer. This is because she has been dragged here, there and everywhere since she was a much tinier TinyTuna. Be it plays, musicals, Broadway shows, professional GreenTuna gigs, student voice recitals or operas -- she loves them all and would love nothing more than to go to a concert on a daily basis.

On Friday I took TinyTuna to another first. Our good friend, PBSTuna was singing in a band. So off we went to lend moral support, be entertained, have a fabulous time, talk and dance.

Midway through the evening as TinyTuna was shaking her 12-year old groove thang on the dance floor with Mensch, she told her with breathless excitement, "I can't wait until Monday!!"

"What happens on Monday?"

"I can tell all my friends I went to a BAR!"

I'm wondering if I'll be getting a phone call from the guidance counselor...

Oh my, I think I need one of these.

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