Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Start Your Engines

I'm proud to announce that for the first time in many, many years the Tuna Clan will not be engaging in commando gardening prior to leaving for vacation. For the uninitiated, confused, or annoyingly organized, commando gardening is 11th hour gardening where you are faced with planting a huge pile of stuff. There is only one real rule to commando gardening: Find a place (anyplace) that is currently unoccupied and you can get a shovel into, dig a hole and shove the plant into the ground. There can be no consideration for fit or curb appeal. Commando gardening dictates that you get it in the ground and get it in the ground fast. Once the last plant is slapped in, the last suitcase is stuffed in the trunk, and an encouraging DON'T DIE is screamed while pulling out of the driveway, commando gardening is officially over.

It's not for the weak-hearted.

This year, in fact, we are relatively stress free as we prepare for vacation. I say relatively because I haven't lived through tonight yet. But with the dishes and laundry done, a bathroom that won't bite back, and a list in hand (egads!) of what I need to remember to bring, I am feeling a wee bit proud of myself. This isn't to say that there isn't potentially a whole boatload of things that could be done. But if I waited until those were completed, I'd never go anywhere.

The laptop is going with me, because I just can't trust those cats. The last thing I want to come home to is 2 tons of catnip mice and an Amazon box fortress constructed for optimal kitty pouncing. I had thought about leaving the Fabios (flat and fluffy) in charge, but neither of them will take out the trash or water the yard, so I enticed BSTuna with the promises of air conditioning, cable TV and a high-speed computer.

I know all is in good hands.

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Anonymous said...

I'll check on BSTuna now and then, just to be sure! Might even pull a weed or two.

Have a great trip.