Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring

We left the beach and its absolutely fabulous weather on Saturday. Our entire week was filled with blue skies, fluffy clouds, lovely breezes, and warm sunshine clocking in at a pleasant 82 degrees. It rained on occasion, but only at night when all we were tucked in our wee little beds with visions of sandy beach bums dancing in our wee little heads.

From our meteorological nirvana we traveled north to Maryland where, for the last four days we have enjoyed rain, heavy downpours, more rain, torrential rain, flash floods, real floods, more rain, and a generous forecast of rain for the next several days. Local weather personalities have broadcast tales of woe from mud pits formerly known as major highways, flooded parking garages, homeowner's backyards, closed intersections in downtown Washington DC, several non-functioning Metro stations, and various tourist attractions (National Zoo, National Archives, Natural history, American history) that are all closed.

It was noted by those in the know that this sudden fixation on the weather and the government's inability to handle the demands of Mother Nature seemed to have temporarily knocked out the neverending television reporting of the Technicolor terrorist network (Scaring the pants off you since 2002!). It seemed to me that if the terrorists were paying any attention whatsoever, all they need to do is show up with a bunch of hoses and our nation's capital is pretty well screwed.

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