Monday, June 05, 2006

Haiku for the Singing Tomato Lady

Bone fertilizer.
Singing tomatoes in trees.
Cat thinks, what the hell?

I've taken down the poll because it was slowing down the page something fierce. The unsurprising result was that Aras sucks. Yes indeed, rocket science here at the news.

I'm going to attempt to post some photos instead. Some of which have popped up before, and others from my personal stockpile. I don't remember the origins of the singing tomato lady, but from her full-on yellow frock to her highly unusual anatomy (is that a whole bunch of extra material, or does she have backside that doesn't quit?), in an obviously odd way, I have to say I love her.

And what, do you suppose, does a tomato lady sing while sitting in a tree? Is it her life's dream to become catsup, or is she hoping for a kinder, gentler fate? And what about the cat?

It's all so mysterious. It's like she's the Roma Lisa.


Anonymous said...

someone needs to take this photo and convert it into a cross stitch pattern. It belongs on a wall.

TV Junkie said...

the giant tomato head creeps me out