Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunny Day for Rafting!

Have you ever gone rafting? If you have, you know how much fun it is. If you haven't, prepare. You are about to be told by Tinytuna.

As you can tell, me and my fellow tunas went whitewater rafting on the 16th of June. We were on our way to this event when we realized that we wouldn't be there on time (we had to be there a half hour early). We called the office, and they said,

Office Lady: Just get here without getting a ticket.

So we did. We got there in time and we were relieved. I was afraid that it was one of those companies that if you aren't there on time, you don't go at all. But I was proven wrong. We were put into rafts, and given guides to help us.

We put the boat in the water, and got our places. Then we took a minute to learn some commands, (All forward, forward one, forward two, hit the deck, paddle right, paddle left, and take a break.) After this lesson, we were off. I was really nervous that we would all fall out of the boat, but we didn't.

There were six big rapids on this trip down the Ocoee River. The first rapid was very fun, and after that I started to have fun and not be scared anymore. At one point there was a gentle part of the water and we were allowed to jump in and swim if we wanted. As you could have guessed, I jumped in, and swam after the boat. When it was time to get back into the boat, we were pulled in by the top of our life jackets (hard, so that it hurt) and we went on.

Since we had one of the two major guides, sometimes we had to wait to see if other rafts needed help (like throwing out a rope if someone was caught in the rapid). So we waited, and when the raft had come through safely, we continued. We went on for a while, until we came to the last rapid.

Our Guide: ( Turns to me.) Will you get to the front of the raft, and hang on to that rope?

Tinytuna: (nod's, and hands paddle to mom, and goes to the front of the boat and grabs the rope with all her might.)

From then on, I had the time of my life. Wild rapids! I was riding them like a bucking horse. Only one took me by surprise because I was looking behind me at Greentuna. After we had gotten over the rapids, I heard the round of applause. When the ride was over, I turned to Greentuna.

Tinytuna: Okay! That was WICKED AWESOME!! I think that should be our tradition every year! WOO-HOO!!

Greentuna: We could try to do it.

So all's well that ends well. We found a new thing to do, and to have fun with it. Tune in the next few days for another blog by Tinytuna!


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