Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Although I don't have much to say (never stopped me before), I feel an entry tonight is mandatory, if only as proof that I fought the Best Western Ethernet Connection and I won (after about a half-hour).

Greetings from Kentucky, where I can report that the time zone is the same as Michigan. At least the Best Western Clock matched my watch, so I am assuming as much. However, since this is the same Best Western whose reception desk is deeply steeped in Eau de Marlboro Man, yet proudly announces on several walls it is a Smoke Free Lobby, assumptions can be hazardous to ones health, meaning I'll just ask for the time at Denny's tomorrow morning and call it good.

The traveling shui is all mucked up this year since we are NOT DRIVING ON THE OHIO TURNPIKE THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Dear Ohio: Sorry, but I didn't miss you and all your oranged-barrel goodness. Dear Pennsylvania: Ditto. Yes, we'll meet again on the way home, but until then, the rolling hills of Kentucky are my new best friend. Dear Indiana: At one point we proclaimed you one step better than Ohio (GramTuna: It's almost as flat. GreenTuna: But not quite. GramTuna: Well yeah, it's not like we're driving in the Netherlands), but 20 minutes later we recanted. Still in all, we loved you 24 miles of construction that consisted of 6 barrels. Keep up the good work, Indiana, but for the love of Moses, pick a time zone and stick to it.

Tomorrow we are off to Tennessee. Everybody else is asleep, so I'm heading off to do the same. If the cats are reading this ... GET OFF THE COMPUTER NOW.

Tuna out.

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