Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bad Parenting -- Example 175

As you may recall, the Tuna clan had travelled to Maryland in order to celebrate That Which Shall Not be Spoken. Fabio, the bunny extraordinaire, spent the weekend at Bunny Camp with BSTuna. Plans included eating lots of vegetables, and having a date with the beautiful bunny, Muna. TinyTuna, being the worrier that she was, fretted about Fabio all weekend.....

GreenTuna: (Yelling from the other room) TinyTuna! I got an email from BSTuna about Fabio!

TinyTuna: Really? What does she say?

GreenTuna: She says, "Fabio is in heaven!"



GreenTuna: NoNoNoNo! Not THAT way. He's not IN heaven. He's in HEAVEN! He's having a really, really, really good time.

TinyTuna: Thank Goodness. I thought something happened.

GreenTuna; Nope. Everything is fine. (bad mom. bad mom. bad mom.)


Cops said...

Oh my !!...I foresee $$$$ toward therapy bills for the adult TinyTuna, over a simple choice of words.

Anonymous said...

OMIGOD, you owe me a monitor AND a keyboard! That was sooo funny! Poor TinyTuna - reminds me of the time my niece thought my son was telling her I was going to eat her dog - I'm sure she had the same look of horror! - travestine

TV Junkie said...

Bad Mommy! You skeered me, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no...not "bad mom!!" That's me...read my story and you will feel better.

When my daughter was 3, a well-meaning babysitter gave her a baby bunny. She was a bit young for such a responsibility, so Mom and Dad took care of the rabbit, bonded with it, let it in the house in the evenings, trained it to use a litter box. You get the picture...it was a much-loved family pet.

Fast forward to the hottest day of the summer...we went to the city so our Korean-born daughter could be naturalized. Busy day, friends going with us to the city, celebrations planned afterwards...and in our haste, we forgot to fill the rabbit's water jug.

Fast forward once again...we get home only to find a deceased rabbit in his outside hutch...with his little mouth pressed up to the empty water jug.

The saddest sight I've ever seen! I am sure I will be held accountable for this someday when I meet my maker. My now-grown daughter says she will eventually need therapy for this, especially because my husband decided to tell her that the bunny "hopped away," not wanting to share the horrifying true story of our animal neglect. She finally learned the truth years later, and she certainly doesn't spare us any guilt trips about this matter.

See? I reserve the "bad mom" title for myself.

Anonymous said...

Bad Sister! TinyTuna will probably never trust me with Fabio again. Hee hee hee hee hee. Altho he did have a great time *wink*.