Saturday, October 23, 2004


Eight days and counting.

I can already tell I'm in trouble. The weather outside is frightful and I have not been leaving my sacrificial offerings of Milk Duds and Candy Corns for the Halloween Gods. This is not good.

In a fit of bad parenting coupled with extreme I-Don't-Care-edness stirred with the spoon of No Time No Time No Time I walked through the valley of the shadow of


in an attempt to find the missing pieces of the pirate puzzle. So far I had a hat and a small stuffed parrot. At the very least, I needed an eyepatch, and was hoping to find some sort of puffy shirt and/or some red and white SMEE-type stockings.

Of course you know, in order to have one measley eyepatch, I came out with an entire costume. Black jacket, black pants, another pirate hat and some plastic things to put over the pant legs to look like boots. Next year I'm looking for a pirate-supply store.

Mission accomplished. I guess.


Mensch71 said...

Argh! Me hearties! Argh! Ok... I'm channeling a nun... a hotel room... Knights of the Round Table... the slag heap. Happy Halloween!

TVJ said...

Don't you just LOOOOVE Halloween!?!?

Hammie said...

Red Devil Horn Barrettes + Red Cat Eye Contact Lenses + One Pointy Tail + One Bullwhip = Devilish Feline ready to whup some people into shape.

A pirate is MUCH cooler though.

Has anyone told you today what a cool mom you are? That offer to adopt me? Still open...Anytime you want a 24-year old daughter, let me know! I am already through the awkward teenage years AND I can buy you a six pack on the way home!