Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Checks and Balances

BAD The Bank was closed yesterday for Columbus Day

GOOD So was the post office. No Bills!

VERY, VERY BAD My first student didn't show up today

GOOD My second student did, and had a great lesson.

BAD One of my students came in proclaiming she wasn't going to sing in class tonight.

GOOD She is singing in class tonight. GreenTuna=Soprano=VOLCANO

BAD Cold and drippy and foggy this morning

GOOD The car was in the garage last night. No scraping for me!

BAD I still have 7 more hours to go today.

GOOD .....


Gary said...

7 more hours?? How late do you have to stay..

So.. I wasn't sure about going to choir practice tonight, but now.. hmmm... I better go....

Mike said...

Colour me confused... why would a student come to singing/vocal class and expect NOT to sing. Do they go to math class and expect not to add?