Tuesday, October 05, 2004


In the absence of anything particularly interesting to talk about (That's never stopped you before! Why, no, no it hasn't. Thank you), and having 35 minutes to fritter away before the last student of the day arrives, I thought I'd scan the pages of CNN to see what's happening.

Aladdin Out On Video!

Well, yep. Here we go again. Time to change media formats. I admit that mostly I'm a total sucker here. Yes, I have it on VHS. But DVD would be smaller. And small is good! Especially in my house. Plus it's the super-duper extra special SPECIAL EDITION CAPS-LOCK 2-DISC SET! And it has games. And I have a portable DVD player. Do I plunk down $20 to buy it again? Magic 8-ball says, unsure, but probably yes in a moment of weakness. Doh. If only Disney would buy my old copy back...

Fall 2004 TV Season - "Desperate Housewives"

I flipped back and forth between this and I don't remember what else on Sunday. I didn't hate it (what I saw of it), but the whole thing struck me as TRYING TOO HARD TO BE ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE SEX AND THE CITY. I think I must have been watching the all-day marathon of "From Here to the Moon" which was a lot more interesting. I might give Housewives another chance. After all, I think it's either that or football.

Fall 2004 TV Season - "Lost"

Well, I've seen parts of this a couple times now. Luckily for this show they replayed part of it again on Saturday night. It's up against a couple things I already watch, and I'm running low on spare TVs and VCRs. So. Keeping in mind that (once again) I didn't see the whole thing, I still have a few questions and comments.

Was it a polar bear? Really. A POLAR BEAR? This whole "monster in the jungle" concept seemed silly to me. I know Sony and their rocket propelled snake must be behind all this somewhere. Or some extra named "Bubba" who has to run around shaking the set. Whatever it was, it struck me as a tad bit lame. Wait. Maybe it was Big Foot. Was it BIG FOOT? No. The LOCH NESS MONSTER?

What exactly is the point of the show? Is it the scary unknown grass shaking monster? Is it the drama of the mysterious handcuffed lady who knows how to use a gun? Is it the tattooed hero? Is it shrapnel man? If the monster ends up being an Alien or a Mad Scientist, I'm going to be annoyed. Frankly, I don't know how they are going to dig themselves out of this hole. Maybe it's Gilligan and MaryAnn. Or the Verizon guy.

Fall 2004 TV Season - Everything Else

Survivor - Yawn. Please get interesting. Soon.

Top Model - Is it bad that I like this show?

Apprentice - Ditto.

South Park - End of October. End of October. End of October.

Amazing Race 6 - Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

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nk said...

We could be sitting on the same couch watching together and not even fighting over the remote!

Give Desperate Housewives another chance...yes, it has weak spots, but it's fun-n-campy.

And bring on the TAR and ANTM!