Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Naming

As LifeonHold mentioned in her comments, it's about time "he" got some kind of name. Actually this topic had already been discussed amongst the Blog reading Tuna clan, as well as several other top-level advisors. Applying a "Top Level" Tuna name may be inviting karmic disaster. Suggestions such as WIPTuna (Work-in-Progress Tuna) implies that the name would have to be changed again down the line. And besides, aren't we all works in progress? I threw out Tuna-in-Training because acronymishly speaking, that one just won't do. He can't be The Boy, because The Boy is The Boy and we can't have two The Boys. The INC (Internet Naming Committee) hemmed and hawed while we drank another Mikes, which is ridiculous (the hemming and hawing, not the Miking) because he doesn't read this anyway, so it really just needs to be something I like.

His name is Scout.

Why? Because that's what the executive committee has been calling him for quite sometime anyway. Now if I could figure out how many years of Doodle's college tuition I would have to pay for KatJam to put a bandana on one of these Tunas I'd be all set, because Lord knows, I'm graphically challenged.

In other news, TinyTuna returned today from her many travels. For the entire month of August, TinyTuna was away from home for 21 out of 31 days. That's pretty unbelievable for someone who is only twelve years old. She had a fabulous time out East, grew another several inches, and her self confidence exploded, which is quite something considering she wasn't exactly lacking in that department before she left. Overall, this kid had one incredible summer.

As she was unpacking and giving me grief about Scout, she swooned towards the heavens, gave a melodramatic sigh and said, "Ahhhhh.....Young Love....."

Then she looked at me, practically made a MPF (mince pie face) and said, "Well maybe not so much. It's more like OLD Love."

I wonder if the East Coast will take her back again.


mensch71 said...

Tiny Tuna? Is now approaching the height of the Mensch, and that's really annoying. Also, the child is hella-strong. I have bruises from last night.

And Scout? The name is perfect. Trust me.

Kat said...

*sharpens her graphic design chops*
I'll work on that bandana request, pronto! (no college tuition necessary)

lifeonhold said...

Scout! Great.

Now if he just earns some more badges (wink) maybe you'll upgrade him to (BOLD) Scout.

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