Wednesday, August 02, 2006

TunaU Sightings

TunaU continues to be abuzz with things to see. Some notables:

This morning the big blue heron was back in the river cooling his heels and looking regal. I have since named him "Waldo" as in "Where's" since I'm always looking for him and he likes to hide.

On My Honor, They are Trying
The Boy Scouts are still here in full force, and the local media seems to have nothing better to do than talk about the Hot Scouts. Not hot as in ooo baby baby hot. Hot as in warm. Hot as in the poor babies have no air-conditioning in their dorms and gosh, it's only the middle of summer and why exactly are we surprised it's hot? Honestly, if I hear one more "be prepared" speech, I'm going to punch somebody right in the merit badge.

By the way, in the past three days I've seen more adults smooshed into too-small scouting uniforms than I would ever care to see. Beer guts stuffed into brown and orange is not a pretty combination.

Fallen Soldiers
How I wish I had a camera yesterday. As we walked back from lunch, sitting out in the mid-day sun were a pair of brown and orange socks. Grubby and steaming on the sidewalk, they were inside-out and wadded in a ball, as if they just couldn't take it anymore more and took it upon themselves to escape their owner's feet, and then just ran away to die. Can't say I blamed them.

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lifeonhold said...

Fallen Soldiers sort of sums up this neverending, brutal heat wave. One can not strip down enough, although I don't want to see those too-tight Scout uniforms come off. If you know what I mean.