Monday, July 09, 2007

An Introduction

Parents look forward with equal portions of excitement and dread to various milestones in our children's lives. First step, first word, first swear word (where did they learn that??), first day of school, first call from the principal, first school picture, first play, first time you said "Because I said so!" out of sheer exasperation, first date, first gray hair (mine), etc. etc. etc.

It seems TeenTuna has hit another milestone of sorts, although it's nothing that was ever covered on Little House on the Prairie, The Brady Bunch, or The Cosby Show, so it seems I will be flying solo on this one.

On Friday TeenTuna and I decided she was old enough and responsible enough (with parental supervision and editorial privileges) to have her very own space. We set it up together, she picked the color scheme and we hashed over lots of titles until we came up with something we thought fit just right. She was SO EXCITED when she was done, and proceeded to email all of her squirrelly friends. So, to all my readers, who have enjoyed so many TinyTuna stories of the past (those aren't going to stop, believe me) I'd like to breathe deeply and introduce:


Be nice to her, or else.

1 comment:

nk said...

congrats, mama!

i was just thinking the other day that it sure is wild raising a child with technology i never had growing up.

keep us posted!