Monday, July 23, 2007

The Queen of Clean

I know you must think I'm spending my summer lounging outside, eating grapes and drinking Mike's like it was, well....Mike's.

Nope. Nope. And Nope.
Well that last one might be a little Yep.

I'm back to cleaning with a vengeance. I've assumed a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners, insert-your-own-cliche attitude, and for once I feel like I'm making progress. It might not be big progress. In fact it's much closer to Itsy-Bitsy progress, but that's OK. It was time to shut up and start climbing the water spout.

And looking over what I've written so far, it's no wonder I haven't written. Aside from waxing poetically about Hard Lemonade, this is pretty much a disjointed mess. Much like my basement. AHA! It's a theme. And...And...there are spiders in my basement (there are spiders in all basements, right?) so that fits in too.


So yeah. Cleaning my basement. I started by redoing my previously half-done project of organizing my biggest headache obsession hobby, cross-stitch. After several weeks (that's how bad it was, people) I'm about done. I have found hidden stashes of supplies and materials scattered all through my basement, not to mention enough unfinished projects for a small army. During vacation I only worked on unfinished projects, and managed to finish about five. Since I've been home, I've been able to knock off several more. My unfinished project bin has been downgraded from critically overflowing to moderately crammed, and this is a good thing.

(This is what I said every time I found another bag of surprises)

Next up in the basement hit parade was dealing with the sheep. I have dirty sheep, Clean sheep, ball-o-sheep, and sheep on a string (not to be confused with soap on a rope). I also have alpaca, llama, camel, bison (somewhere), corn, silk, and let's not forget my overflowing bag 'o Fabio.

Fiber, Fiber everywhere. It's beautiful and it's cute....

(Woah. What the hell is THAT?)

But it quickly becomes overwhelming.

Too much of a good thing
(Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Sheep, anyone?)
maybe isn't so good.

I've now moved on to corners and messes I don't want to face, but I'm determined to do a little bit every single day. It's hard to clean and organize, but now that I'm on a roll it's a little bit empowering too. And who knows, maybe by the end of summer this Itsy-Bitsy spider might have a basement that functions as something more than a dumping ground. I just have to watch out for rain.

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Mensch71 said...

As a recent visitor to the basement of the Queen, I can assure you that it is both clean and organized. Also, labeled. Neatly. In alphabetical order. Now the real question is... was the Dewey system used in any way?