Sunday, July 08, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. Happen :: Occur

2. Terribly :: Horribly

3. History :: In the making

4. Master :: Of the Universe

5. Petrified :: Forest

6. Moan :: And Groan

7. Attack :: Of the Killer Tomatoes

8. Picture :: Movie

9. Students :: They never go away

10. Potter :: Harry

It never occurred to me until I reached number ten that these are all Harry Potterisms. When I mutter (blogaliciously speaking) I answer the prompts one at a time rather than scanning the whole list first.

So yeah, the next movie opens this week. And cable TV ran a Harry Potter marathon all last weekend. And Scout and TeenTuna and I sat and watched The Goblet of Fire yesterday afternoon as a sort of refresher before the next installment. And yeah, I've read the Order of the Phoenix (technically I listened to it) so I know what's going to happen. But I'm still geeked on seeing the next installment, because you know, Alan Rickman is in it, and maybe he'll battle some killer tomatoes.

Oh Wait. Wrong Movie.
Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

I say ... And You Think:
1. Happen :: Stance
2. Terribly :: Annoying
3. History :: Class
4. Master :: of His Domain
5. Petrified :: Forest
6. Moan :: of Despair
7. Attack :: Cat!
8. Picture :: Rocky Horror
9. Students :: of the World
10. Potter :: Field

Yep, it does seem as if they were mining for Harry Potter stuff.
I've only read the first book and I think (meaning I really am not sure) I have seen all the movies except for the new one.
the boy