Thursday, July 05, 2007

Once More, With Feeling

Once more with feeling (though I'm not going to say necessarily what that feeling is) I'm back at the never-ending task of finding, weeding, filing, arranging, tossing, filing and cursing. It seems my household clutter is never-ending and everywhere I turn Satan's Seven Dwarfs are rearing their ugly little heads. The first thing to get tossed was a huge pile of Real Simple magazines. I love these publications. Each and every one of them tell me how to simplify my life by paring down, organizing and buying lots of container type things. I decided the best way to get rid of clutter was to get rid of an entire shelf of Real Simple magazines. Off you go!

Once more with feeling my guiltiest of pleasures (Scout not included) begins. Yes, it's the summertime mind-number Big Brother with all its wacky hijinks. No, there is not one single redeemable factor in this show. When it comes to Amazing Race and even Survivor, I can manage to squeeze out some sort of lame life lesson for TeenTuna (look: Teamwork! Being Polite! Be nice to the locals! Pay your cab driver!), but let's face it, Big Brother is the television version of Slim Jim's, Boone's Farm Strawberry Ripple and fried pork rinds.

Once more with feeling my workday (such that it was) has come to an end. Time to go home, clean up a bit and then find me a bag of rinds and a bottle of Ripple.

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