Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday's Feast

Well, it's been awhile, so lets see what's cooking over at The Friday Feast.
AIEEE! This week the kitchen is closed. So I'll make up my own.

Appetizer: What is the most unusual thing in your office?
There are so many possibilities here. I have a small army of peeps (the soft, plush variety, not the 4-month old stale crunchy variety) that protect me. I have one on my speaker. One on my pencil sharpener and one impaled on the top of a pen. And no, I didn't do that. It came that way. I also have the dreaded yellow hard hat hanging on my coat rack, and my favorite poster ("Idiocy") from my friends over at Demotivators.

Soup: What Doesn't Make Any Damn Sense in Your World?
1. Cold soup. On purpose cold.
2. Drivers who cut in front of you so they can be eight feet ahead of you...stuck in the exact same traffic you're stuck in.
3. Infants in a movie theater.
4. Talking on your cell phone in a public restroom.

Salad: Lake or Ocean?
Yes. And yes. Anywhere, anytime. Well, except Lake Superior when it's a teeth-rattling 53 degrees. That's a big-time yikes.

Main Course: If you had one vacation food wish, what would it be?
My vacation food wish would be that road food would be something other than pressed, fried, processed or poisonous. I know turnpike rest stops and the like have to cater (funny to even use that word there) to the broadest palate, otherwise known as the lowest common denominator, otherwise known as burger-chicken-pizza. But seriously, I would have just about killed for a vegetable emporium. Or maybe something called, "Hey! It's REAL FOOD!". I had meal at a Roy Rogers rest stop place (my lunch choices were that or Cinnabon for Emeril's sake) that just about killed me.

Dessert: Fireworks. Discuss
I have nothing against a profession display of pyrotechnics. Sadly, the Clampett Clan attempting to blow things up two houses away does NOT count. Extra sadly, there seemed to be no fatal accidents this year, so guess it looks like I can duck and cover again in 2008.

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