Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And YOU Think:

1. Resolutions :: Promises
2. Page :: Opportunity
3. Narrow :: Ruled
4. Refuse :: Deny
5. Fountain :: Of Youth
6. Grunt :: Groan
7. Construct :: Build
8. Nightmare :: Before Christmas
9. Inch :: Mile
10. Instant :: Coffee

Well, that was a bizarre lot.  I scaled down my resolutions answer, which started out being "ridiculous promises made while drunk."  I don't know what it is about resolutions that bother me so much.  I think it is the combination of life-changing vows with the New Years party-on, dude date.  It just seems to me it is a recipe for failure.  Of course, any resolution followed is better than none at all, so if it works for you, I say more power to you.  Resolve to be resolute on New Years Day!

Numbers 2-3 highlight my love of paper products in particular and office supplies in general.  A blank sheet of paper could become all sorts of things in the future.  And yes, yes, yes, it must be narrow (college) ruled.  I cannot tolerate the big wide stuff.  It's like using an unsharpened pencil. Or a even unsharpened #3 pencil.  AIEEEE!  You might as well ask me to write with a four-inch charcoal briquette.

Numbers 4-7 morphed towards my massive cleaning job yesterday.  This morning I am sure wishing for the fountain of youth, because I'm one sore puppy.  I'm about to embark upon hot shower therapy, and see if that helps.

Number 8 - a great movie
Number 9 - needs a "give them an ... and they take a" thrown in
Number 10 -  don't drink it (instant or otherwise), but remember all those instant coffee commercials?  They used to be everywhere, and now, I think not so much.


Library Cat said...

I am a first time visitor and I love that you provide some thoughts on your thoughts!! Excellent idea.

Shirl said...

Nice mutterings! I think we match three!