Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And YOU THINK:

1.  Food :: Delicious
2.  Death :: End
3.  Cafeteria :: School lunch
4.  Need :: Want
5.  Born :: Free
6.  Stitch :: In time
7.  Badly :: Poorly
8.  Blocks :: Wood
9.  Chuck :: Throw
10. Spiral :: Staircase

WHAT A WEEK.  Which has nothing to do with this list, but I thought I'd say it anyway.  This is a very interesting list of mutterings, because as I look over it, many of my answers don't necessarily reflect my own beliefs, yet they really were my answers in this free association exercise.  Do I think all food is delicious?  No, but there aren't many I don't like, so maybe?  At the same time, I've had plenty of dishes of lousy food, yet I always associate it with something yummy.  I certainly don't think death is the end, although I don't know what happens next.  It's the end of the current, though, as it moves to something different and unknown.  I have eaten in plenty of cafeterias, and not all of them located inside a school.  Yet, "cafeteria" always makes me think of schools and school lunches and, french fries and rolls (see above:  Food.  Not so delicious)  I think needs are often confused with wants, at least that's the gospel I preach around here.  It's difficult but so important to separate the two.  "Born Free" is a song I learned to play on the piano when I was young.  Of course, that means I played it for hours on end, torturing everybody.  I remember the movie too, with Elsa the lion.  "Stitch" I could have easily answered "that which I used to do a lot but have no time at the present which sometimes makes me bummed."  However, in the interest of space, I went with "in time." One should never chuck blocks when feeling badly, and finally, spiral staircases are great in theory and look extra snazzy, but honestly, unless you live in a lighthouse or other tall cylindrical space, are dizzying, difficult to maneuver, and wholly impractical.

Happy Sunday.  Mutter along HERE.


Hootin Anni said...

Five and six we matched!!

My mutterings are posted now...HERE

Hope you can stop by today for a read my mutterings just scroll down below my Sunday Stealing meme!

Shirl said...

cool mutterings, and I like your writings on how the first thing into our heads isn't what we really think sometimes. Cool!

Anonymous said...

I say ... And YOU THINK:

1. Food :: and Drug Administration
2. Death :: Star
3. Cafeteria :: Plan
4. Need :: Want
5. Born :: Loser
6. Stitch :: N-Bitch
7. Badly :: Drawn
8. Blocks :: Chopping
9. Chuck :: Wood
10. Spiral :: Twisty

No theme there!