Sunday, January 03, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. 365 :: Days a Year
2. Tombstone :: Pizza
3. Dumb :: As a Rock
4. Intrusive :: Invasive
5. Fat :: Cat
6. Axe :: To Grind
7. Planned :: Prepared
8. Spike :: Fever
9. Bleach :: Clean
10. Shopkeeper :: Local Treasure

New Year ... New Mutters!

I wonder how many people automatically answer with slogans or product placements?  "Spike" could have easily been "TV", "Bleach" could have been "Clorox", "Planned" could have been "Parenthood" and "Axe" could have been "That stinky deodorant with the ridiculous commercials."  Sorry, Tombstone.  Pizza, in this case, has totally infiltrated my brain.

Apologies offered in advance to rocks that are dumb and cats that are fat.

Local shopkeepers really are a treasure, although I don't think of them as "SHOPkeepers" so much as "Community Individuality and Personality Keepers".  Get to know them -- they are some of the most interesting people you'll meet.

Finally, for TeenTuna -- the one and only song we know and love to "Be Prepared".
Happy 2010, mutterers. Join in and mutter along HERE.

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