Sunday, November 06, 2011

Season's Meetings

Hello November.

You come around every year disguised as a month of harvest and celebration.  You smell like apples and spices and your colors on a sunny, crisp Autumn day can put Rembrandt to shame.  You are swirling leaves that swoop and dance as they tumble to the ground.  You're an extra blanket at night and a jacket in the morning, but every now and again you whisper "not yet" as you sweep us back into the warmer months, but only for a day or two.  Your hypnotic pendulum swings back and forth, giving us a little of everything without tossing us over the fence into the dog days of summer or banishing us to the frigid depths of winter.

November, I know you think you have it all worked out.  You think you know how to play this game.  But not so fast, November, I've got your number and I'm onto you. 

Dear November, you have quickly become a scheduling nightmare.  Were you getting worried that December had that wrapped up?  Did you feel like a second-rate month?  Well, let me tell you, November, not only is December insane, but over the past few years, January has become a not-so-distant second.  And you?  It seems you want in on this horse race as well.   So far we've already survived the fall play and the switch back to Standard Time.  But you and I both know that's just the beginning.  You've now piled on college applications, a touring Broadway show, a month full of extra rehearsals for two major early December gigs, lessons, dance classes, parent teacher conferences, intern meetings, and a boatload of music that has to be memorized immediately.  Do you see any swirling leaves in this picture?  Any apples or spices?  November, at the rate you are shaping up, when we finally gather together, we'll be asleep.  Or in rehearsal.

Now my dear November, please don't blame this schedule on me, and don't let my whining bother you.  I know it's hectic.  I know we are constantly on the go.  Not only do I know it, I've come to expect it, and accept it.  It's the blessing and the curse of the performing monkeys.  It's what we do.  Busy is good.  Busy is active.  Busy challenges our minds and enriches our souls.  Busy makes us not only grow, it allows us to thrive.  Sure, we might grumble a bit now, but it's what gets us by.  It would, however, be wonderful if you could do something about the homework.  Performing monkeys don't have time for power point presentations, illustrated journals or fully annotated hunks of literature.  If you could do that for us, we'd all be a lot happier, and before anyone could say, "pull out your calendars!" it will be December.

And then December, you and I are going to have to have a little talk.

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