Friday, December 12, 2014

All for One and One for All

I am a singer.
I am a musician.
I am a communicator.
I am a story-teller.
I am the voice of the poet.
I am the interpreter of the composer.
I am singular.
I command attention.
I stand in the front with an army of musicians behind me.
I am sparkles and grace and attitude.
I train to achieve utmost resonance and power.
I train to navigate the highest, loudest, lowest, softest.
I study languages and history.
I possess equal parts narcissism and insecurity.
I absorb criticisms like an enormous sponge.
I process opinions like a holding cactus, afraid of it's barbs.
I am left at the end of the day with myself, my instrument, and my own convictions about music, expression and the world around me.
I am a soloist.

We are singers.
We are musicians.
We are communicators.
We are story tellers.
We are the voices of the poet.
We are the interpreters of the composer.
We are many.
Together we command attention.
Together we stand as a team -- One voice yet many.
We are unity and pride and attitude.
We train to achieve balance and blend.
We train to be one voice that is neither highest, loudest, lowest or softest.
We study languages and history.
We possess equal parts love of community and love of expression.
We absorb criticisms with professionalism and grace.
We offer opinions carefully like a cactus, careful not to hurt.
We are left at the end of the day with voices in our ears, music in our hearts,
and an overwhelming love for the singular experience that we share together.
We are a choir.

One is not better than the other
One is not greater.
One is not more glamorous.
To be a soloist is not harder
To be a choir is not easier.
Each has its demands.
Each has its rewards.
But the applause is the same.
the gratitude an equal blessing.
No matter the tune, 
No matter the words,
Everything we have is a gift.
A voice to sing
A heart to share
Music itself is its own best reward.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am blessed to be a voice in a choir.

Tim Thomas said...

This is a fabulous poem and sentiment! As a choir director and occasional soloist, it strikes a chord (pun intended!).

Is this your own work? If so, would you consider letting me use it with my students (with proper attribution, of course).


GreenTuna said...

Absolutely you may share it. Yes, this is as original as it gets, as I needed to write a post for my December "Holidailies" entry, and coming off a dress rehearsal where I was a little bit of both sides of the coin, it's simply what came to mind.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Tim Thomas said...

Thank you so much!

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