Saturday, December 06, 2014

Flip the Script

Things I wish my GPS would say instead of RECALCULATING 

 Try Again 
I don't think so 
Simon didn't say 
no no no no NO!!! 
Your other left 
Are you doing this on purpose? 
*long exasperated sigh*
 I don't have all night
 So close and yet so far
 I didn't want to go there anyway
 Jesus take the wheel. No really, TAKE IT
 For the love of Pete, it's not that difficult!
 Would an interpretive dance help?
 I guess you had a better idea.
 Maybe you should call a cab.
 Why don't you listen?
 I go on break in ten minutes
 I'm telling mom!
What did you do without me?
 OK, let's try it your way. 
 Time for Wapner


MissMeliss said...

I would love it if the GPS said this...or if Siri would...

Anonymous said...

Our Google Maps lady is frequently drunk, so she would have to slur these.