Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stuff Takes Time

Way back a thousand years ago, also known as this past September, I remember going to a rehearsal where it was our first time the group had been together since the previous May.  As we chatted during a break and had one of those "what I did during the summer" kind of conversations, I was asked if I had read any good books over the summer.  As strange as it may seem, this question took me by surprise, and I found myself scrambling uncomfortably for an answer.  Without thinking (an occurrence more common than I might wish) I blurted out "no... BUT I BOUGHT SOME."  As soon as I said this I heard the sad trombone music in my head and thought, "You. Are. An. Idiot"  as the conversation and my credibility came to a grinding halt.

But the statement itself was entirely true.  I had a whole stack of books I had gotten over the summer, and simply hadn't the time to read any of them.  Life happened, I got busy, and books went unread. In fact, they are still in the same pile, only to be joined by another pile of books this fall that are also (you guessed it) waiting to be read.

Today, with 12 days until the Big Red One, I'm quite certain that, compared to most people, I'm WAY behind in the holiday bonanza.  What's weird for me is that so far, I'm not particularly upset.  I'm perfectly content to get things done when I can, and not worry about the rest.  So, if you see me and ask me, "Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet?"

I'll most likely tell you, "No... BUT I BOUGHT ONE."

After all, it's not like the Three Wise Men 
arrived Second-Day Air.
Stuff. Takes. Time.


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