Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Family Dinner

Vacation Day: 2 of 13
Days Until BB5 and TAR: 21

Week One of vacation is chock-full of visiting relatives in Maryland and Virginia. There are so many to see in such a short time, that I feel like we are short-changing every one. And unfortunately, we are. There are just so many minutes in the day and so many days in the week to see everybody we need to see.

But, we do the best we can. Tonight will be family gathering number one at a local Alexandria eatery. TinyTuna has a new dress for the occasion, and will be in top form.

One of our more memorable family vacation gatherings happened when TinyTuna was all of three-months old. We were eating dinner in one of those traditional "Washington-Ate-Here" kind of places. With hardwood floors, walls, and lots of tables crammed together, it was a very, very noisy room. Finally TinyTuna had enough and started to cry. I was about to rush her out of the room, when ye olde historically accurate guitar-strumming guy walked over -- knee socks, buckle shoes, powdered wig, long coats and all. When he started singing to her, she stopped crying and just stared at him and listened, with her eyes still full of tears.

Before you knew it, she was peaceful and calm, and the adults at the table were the ones with tear-filled eyes.

Hush-a-bye, Don't you cry,
Go to sleepy, little baby.
When you wake, you shall have
all the pretty little ponies.


Anonymous said...

[camps out until Tuna's return]

~Your ghost blogger

babyfishfel said...

The dress is really cute. And come back soon!