Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm Ready For My Closeup

TinyTuna is possessed.

What's new? Yeah, I know. But holy cats, this is NOT going away. We are on beyond passing fancy, obtuse interest, mild fanaticism and are heading full-tilt into rabid obsession.

What's new? Yeah, I know. But let me back up.

A couple of years ago, GramTuna gave TinyTuna Samantha's Theater Kit, which is just one part of the "American Girls" merchandising juggernaut. Compared to the $70 dolls, I think it's the affordable part.

At any rate, the present seemed to get buried in a crush of other presents, and it didn't get much notice. We put it in her bookcase and forgot all about it. Fast forward to now. TinyTuna rediscovered the theater kit and now I'm searching the phone book for practicing exorcists.

We are doing the play. Or rather, she is doing the play. She is directing, and doing a role. She has cast the rest of the roles and plans to perform Actions Speak Louder Than Words in August as a surprise for UncleTuna's birthday.

I would not be in the play. I am the director's "helper". I will be in charge of sound effects, costumes, and feeding NephewTuna his lines, which could be a challenge, since there are no dinosaurs, motors, grills or backhoes in this play.

She is currently typing a letter to the cast, letting them know who is playing which part, when the performance is taking place, and giving them a few "helpful hints" for being in a play. HA!

I just keep telling myself that someday all of this will be good fodder for the press. Or for my fellow inmates at the funny farm.


Gary said...

Tinytuna definitely sounds like she's headed for a future in the performing arts - in some capacity, anyway...

TV Junkie said...

*snort* I fully expect you to put in a good word for me now, so that when Tiny Tuna is my boss, I'll be her favorite!