Monday, June 07, 2004

String Around My Finger

There are several topics on my plate for discussion, but right now my hand is throbbing from bashing shelves and my monkey mind can't seem to end its mantra of finish the shifting ... finish the shifting ... finish the shifting...

So for now I'll tempt you with what's up and coming:

1. BSTuna and her Amazing Petting Zoo!

2. Boys -- Is it always just dinosaurs, motors, tractors and grills?

3. Mosquitoes. WAAAAHHHHH!

4. Cecil B. DeTinyTuna -- Moses help me.

5. Commando Gardening and you. Ok. And Me.

6. Six days until vacation. Early bedtime?

7. The aerodynamic qualities of monkeys and butts.

1 comment:

grace said...

1. If she only had a pony!
2. At our house it's all about trains, baby!
3. Cicadas. WAAAHHHHH!
4. Not a Red Sea Party?
5. [rolls up jeans]
6. Do you have your vacation posts ready?
7. Bwah!