Friday, June 04, 2004

So Long, 4th Grade

In other newsworthy news, TinyTuna has less than a half-hour to go before 4th Grade is officially over for the year. It seems her class has been preparing for this day for quite some time, as I don't believe they have done a single math problem or cracked a book in several weeks.

Oh wait, they don't HAVE books. My Bad.

There have been parties for Safety Patrol. There have been parties for fourth graders. There have been Ice Cream Sundae parties for no particular reason and earlier this week there was Candy Bar day.

The deal about Candy Bar day (speaking of WHATEVER!) is that every kid in class got a candy bar. That is, If they brought one in the week before. Candy bar was the day they got it back again.

No, I didn't understand it either. And for those who are curious, TinyTuna's Candy Bar was a bag of Skittles. Because I guess the BAR part was optional. Candy Bar...Candy Bag. Same difference. WHATEVER!!

And today, for the last day of school, it is Fourth Grade Breakfast day. All day. Well, all half day, because they don't have an all day today. But you know what? It's the last day and I'm done asking questions. The reprogramming can begin tomorrow. GramTuna and I are going to pick up TinyTuna and have some lunch. We'll probably visit the Grill Dogs.

Who, by the way, make a mean Mickey-Mouse pancake.


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Kat said...

Skittles, huh? Well, who am I to judge? I've never known a bag of Skittles I didn't like. Except those of the Shrek persuasion.

Mike said...

These grill dogs you speak of sound interesting.