Friday, June 04, 2004

W Is For Whatever

Happy Food Friday everybody. The Friday Chef has wisely wequested W-weeks weally wonderful works weflect Whatever!

Let the games begin.

For the low, low price of way-too-much-money, you can buy your very own toaster. Not just any old toaster, this also doubles as a branding iron. To make matters worse (although I'm sure they intended this to be a selling point), when your toasted mouse-faced bread is done cooking, it plays the Mickey Mouse Club March. Gah -- That would be reason enough not to buy it.

"What's for breakfast mom?"

"Toasted rodent face!"

"My Favorite!"


Not to be outdone, you could also purchase this cookie baker. You guessed it, I bakes in a mouse face on the front and the words "Oh Boy!" on the back. A potential drawback could very well be that it only bakes TWO cookies at a time. (TWO!)

"Mom, can you bake some mouse cookies for my class?"

"Sure! They'll be done in nine hours!"

"Oh Boy!"


Finally, you could always buy (you guessed) a waffle-maker. This item surpasses the Cookie baker as it makes ONE waffle. Hopefully you are either a. not hungry, or b. an early riser so you can be first in line.


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TV Junkie said...

I've always thought that Mickey was evil.