Thursday, June 03, 2004


All of life is like a soap opera. (Announcer: In today's episode, GreenTuna learns she has a twin. Who WANTS -- HER -- GONE. [cue bad-scary music~~Duh Duh DUUUUH]

It's not The Wonder Twins.

It's not The Olsen Twins.

It's not The Minnesota Twins.

I think it's more like Schwarzenegger and DeVito.

And unlike the movie where Only their mother can tell them apart, I think I'm pretty unique. A one-of-a kind Verdigris fish swimming happily in The Internet ocean. My twin doesn't think so.

I've even offered to place a prominent exit-ramp pointing to my twin's side of the web. I'm not sure how this will go over. Personally I think it would be a win-win situation. My twin? My twin refuses to play ball.

My twin does not deserve the GreenTuna name.

I'm going to call it JAN

As in Brady.

As in "Marcia Marcia Marcia!!"


Anonymous said...

We are Peep.

lifeonhold said...

Unlike OUR BELOVED GREENTUNA, has NO CONTENT! How can you be violating a nothingness?

TV Junkie said...

Hell hath no fury ....

I'm just sayin'