Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Tutu, Take Two (Two)

It's been a day full of shifting and shelving. Pound those shelves! Move those books! Pound Pound Move Move Shift Shift.

Sigh Sigh

My goal is to get this done before vacation, so when I come back I won't have a half-finished project staring at me accusingly; wondering where I went so wrong. I think I can get it done in the next seven working days. Which, of course, means I won't. Yes Karma, I see you.

Today I get to leave work early, grab TinyTuna, and dash off to dance dress rehearsal. This weekend is Revenge of the Tutu II, which I'm certain will be just as entertaining as the first go-round. I'll have to pry her into two different costumes, each equally cute and yet too small in their own ouchish kind of way. They measure these kids in January, and surprise, surprise! They've actually grown in six months! But you must suffer for your art, right?

I'll report back in later. Yes, I have a few words concerning Miss Universe (mostly of the "oy" and "veh" variety) and I'm sure I'll have some dance tales to tell.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what the hell was that last night?
Cirque de Slutty?

Say it with me..."Geor-GEE-ah"


Anonymous said...

To: "GreenTuna"
Re: Unauthorized use of the Greentuna name

Please contact me to discuss.

TV Junkie said...

To: ""

F*** off

TV Junkie said...

Let me amend my previous statement.
Dear Joel @
F*** off

Kat said...

What TVJ said.
Ain't nobody puttin' Green Tuna in the corner!