Monday, June 14, 2004

Ridin' the Rollercoaster

Vacation Day: 1 of 13
Days Until BB5 and TAR: 22

Vacation has officially begun! For those of you keeping score, I will definitely get more than three hours of sleep tonight, which will shatter my record from last year. I think this year I'll be sniffing 5 hours, which isn't too bad, all things considered.

As usual, the day before vacation was full of running last minute errands, planting last minute plants, mowing last minute lawns, and trying to figure out what I was going to forget this year. Last year I hit an all-time high (or low): I went to the ocean and forgot a bathing suit.

Insert large Homeresque "DOH!" here.

Weather-permitting, Day 1 of vacation is always the traditional Cedar Point day. Home to a heap of roller coasters, it is always a good time for the Tuna clan.

I'll ride nearly anything. Emphasis, however on nearly. The newest roller coaster -- "Top Thrill Dragster" -- is a no-go. The first problem is, this ride is broken nearly as often as it is functioning. Not a good sign, in my book. Last year it was not running on our traditional Cedar Point day. We were told the problem was "some broken bolts".

Um. Yikes.

The second problem with this ride, is that often ye olde dragster doesn't quite make it up and over. So guess what? You have to do it again (and again and again) until it finally gets enough ooomph to make it over the one and only hill. Yeesh. And Pass.

Other than that, I'm good on all the coasters. Although I'm freakishly afraid of heights, I'll put up with them for a roller coaster. However, get me on a Ferris Wheel, and I turn into an instantaneous quivering panic attack. Too high, too slow, too long, too scary.

I'm also stupidly afraid of haunted house sorts of things. I don't like not knowing where I'm going. Cedar Point has (or used to, in the olden days) a ride called "San Francisco Earthquake". You get in a car and ride around inside this thing while buildings almost fall on top of you. I used to stay sane by turning around and watching them POP back up for the next car.

When I was little, I remember going to Disneyland. Aside from having a near-stroke in the Haunted Mansion (my poor Aunt!), I remember looking at the old fashioned cars that you would drive. Being a slightly slow Tuna, I didn't realize there was a track underneath the cars. When they asked if I wanted to drive a car, my eyes got really huge and I just shook my head no. What were they thinking? I didn't know how to drive!!

So, hopefully tomorrow the weather will be slightly overcast with no rain whatsoever. If so, it will be an awesome day, and we'll ride ourselves silly. At the end of the day, TinyTuna will get to choose one souvenir (AKA the CARROT to get us out of the park without tears) and we'll continue on through the lovely state of Ohio until we get tired. In the meantime, I'll be sure to give my regards to the goofball Turnpike Dudes KatJam is so fond of.


Anonymous said...

Fare the well, my funny friend. [sobs]
I will miss you!

Cops said...

Tuna & Tiny Tuna - have a blast.


Kat said...

Have a rockin' time!
Ride the Millenium Force for me!
Enjoy your vacation!

Snappie said...

Have fun, Toona and Tiny Toona!

Don't forget your sunscreen!