Friday, June 11, 2004

Smarty Pants

Well, not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I scored a 9/10 on the sample American Citizenship Test and 8/10 on the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Thanks to John Scalzi over at By The Way for providing this Friday afternoon diversion.


Anonymous said...

I am honored~ as always, you didn't fail to disappoint! Tres Bon!

Gary said...

Hrm... I only got 9/10 on the Canadian test... I was sure tourism was one of the top 3 industries! (Maybe that's just New Brunswick).

I only got 7/10 on the US test.. How was I supposed to know who the governor of N. Carolina is?? I mean, who cares? :) Since I "failed" the test, I guess I'm not cut out to be an Amurrican....

Anonymous said...

For the Tuna allergic to all things historic and geographic, I guess I won't have to be deported; I tied you with 9 out of 10 :) Fearing this too good to be true, and always looking for a positive way to start my day before the inevitable downward slide, I'm not even going to *click* on the Canadian one (but I do know which way north is).

Anonymous said...

who-hoo! 10 outa 10! I rock! I should take the Canadian one.
If I had to come up with an X food, it would probably be something like Xtra Spicy this, or X-cessively rich that. Or X-Lax, that comes to mind. But that isn't something to add to everyone's food....only those who deserve it.
reading about TinyT's demands, is she now the Great Dictator?
have a great trip!
brad der boese