Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Post About Nothing

I feel very Seinfeld. It's a post about nothing.

There are some days when witticisms come easy, when poignant or funny family stories just pour out. And then there are other days when it's just a regular boring day. Go to work and putter and then go home and putter. This is definitely one of those days. It's Putterday.

Putterday is boring. On Putterday I'd rather be just about anywhere else doing just about anything else. Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee you that a change of venue or activity would not solve the boredom of Putterday. I'd just wish for something else all over again. Still in all, I try not to let Putterdays get me down, because the day will surely come when I'd sell a kidney for a Putterday or even a Putterhour.

I don't even have much of interest to share on Putterday. My banner ads are alternately Belgian Wafflemakers (again) or Origami. Some of my newest referrals are:

1. Rocket Popsicles

2. Extra Ingredients added to Green Eggs and Ham

3. VH1 Top Ten School Slow Dances

4. Hatteras Nekkid

As a point of interest

1. Rocket Popsicles? Not my favorite. You'd have to talk to TinyTuna

2. People, There were NO extra ingredients added to green eggs and ham. The whole book was about location and dining companions. You know, with a fox, in a box, here or there, anywhere. You're confusing this with green eggs and hamburger helper.

3. Was there anything else besides Stairway to Heaven? I mean, come on, the song was about 45 minutes long. Aside from the weird fast part about 24 minutes into the song, it was a slow dance dream.

4. Hatteras Nekkid = Sunburned butt. Thanks, but no.

I guess that's all I have to offer today. Maybe I have a website of mention. Let's see. My newest Bloglines RSS Favorite: Spamusement -- Poorly Drawn Cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines. Enjoy.

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nk said...

Oh, you are even funny without hardly trying! If I could get my Hamster Time account to work, I would rave and rave and rave some more about how you brought on the funny this morning in the You Don't Bring Me Flowers Tuna News and, my personal favorite, the cheer that ends with "Go, God, go!"

Thanks for being a bright spot!