Friday, July 09, 2004

Poetry Corner

John Scalzi, from AOL's By The Way has proposed an awesome Friday blogging assignment. The task this week is to write a Haiku about your most cherished snack food or carbonated beverage.

Dear Bugle Corn Chips
Tiny cone-shaped snacks just right
For Five Fingered Fun.

When I was little
Giant Sweet-Tarts were the best
Buh-bye roof of mouth!

Yummy Krispy Kremes
"Red Light District" not so bad!
Doughnuts of the Gods.

Classic for all times:
Who cares if the movie stinks?
Milk Duds cure all woes.

I don't understand
Cotton Candy. Why not eat
Plain sugar instead?

Tough choices ahead.
The Debate? "Pop" or "Soda."
I pretend I care.

Diet -- Brown -- Fizzy.
My drink needs are very few.
Just no gross Rootbeer.

Weekly Friday Task:
Haikus on Food. But like Lays
I can't write just one.


Anonymous said...

Ooh! *squeals*
Let me get crankin' on my Ode to Skittles.

Anonymous said...

You are the Haiku Guru.