Monday, July 05, 2004

Customer Satisfaction

This entry is dedicated to Tracie and anybody else stuck inside working today while the rest of us celebrate the day after Independence Day by sitting on our collective butts and goofing off.

I bring you this little gem, discovered in a pile of end-of-the-year homework papers. It's a letter TinyTuna wrote during an economics unit, pretending to be an unsatisfied customer:

Dear store manager,

I gave in 12 box tops and did not receive my supply of flowers. I have waited for 10 days and still did not get it. Please send my flowers right away or I shall call the police and they will fire you!

Your unhappy friend,


Wow. Ten years old and she's already got the good cop/bad cop thing down. After all, it takes some skill to threaten to call the police, threaten to get you fired, and then sign the letter, "your friend."

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