Thursday, July 15, 2004

Short Stories

Someone's Been Cleaning in MY Room!
While TinyTuna was at play practice last night, I decided to go through her overstuffed bookcase and weed out a number of things that she had outgrew, giving us space to shelve her more age-appropriate literature. Keep in mind, I did this when she was GONE, because woe unto anyone who tries messes with this kid's memories.

Ninety minutes and four trips to the basement later, things were looking pretty darn good. All the Nancy Drews were together, as were the Magic Tree House books, the Narnia Chronicles, Harry Potter and many many more volumes. I did keep a handful of picture books and other kiddie-lit I wasn't ready to part with quite yet. This means Minnie and Moo, Tacky, and Frog and Toad will live to be read another day.

When TinyTuna came home, I didn't give her any advance warning of my cleaning spree. I opened the door, she walked in, and the next thing I hear is, "Who's been PILLAGING in my room?"

Pillaging? Pillaging??

GramTuna fell over laughing, and I snuffled loudly as I said, "Well, I wouldn't exactly call it PILLAGING, but I might have asked, "who was so nice as to clean out my bookcase?" Sheesh. Pillaging.

I've been saving up miscellaneous websites for a rainy day. Today the sun is shining, but I still feel compelled to share.

1. Blog Shout-Outs
Well, we're always complaining we need more Blogs from the Male perspective *cough*couOVERGough* and now here it is. The one, and only
HULK'S DIARY. I laughed. I cried. I shared it with you.

As long as I'm sharing boy-blogs, you should also visit Goombah's Blog. Best thing about it? He's four years old.

2. Current Events
Oh sure, now that school is out, there are awesome human events coming out of the woodwork! So many to choose from.

National Barbie in a Blender Day. Although I'm not quite ready to sacrifice my kitchen appliances to the God of Plastic mutillation, I have to admit freedom of speech is a pretty worthy cause.

Grilling Camp. Boy the things in this world I never knew existed... Not only is there a grilling camp, there is a McCormick Grilling Camp. And not only is there a McCormick Grilling Camp, JOE MONTANA will be at the McCormick grilling camp. But, if you read the fine print carefully, it isn't clear what function Joe will have in this roast-off. Still, Grilled Beef and Beefcake in one sounds like a party to me.

Guns don't kill people. Kangaroos kill people.

Man raised by chickens. Well, He had better not go to grilling camp, because things could get messy.

Speaking of chickens and grilling -- it's the local Kiwanis Chicken BBQ day. Time to jump in the car and do some drive by consuming. Don't forget 8pm: BB5!


Anonymous said...

Heeeeeey, I say pillaging all the time! Usually in conjunction with, well, plundering!

- Teem

Anonymous said...

Pillaging! Pirates! arrrrgh!
I find it very hard to believe that in your basement there wasn't already a pirate cove, complete with eyepatch and parrot!

Oh, and Me Like Hulk Blog. Hulk Write Good About Smashing!
But Aquaman has always been my favorite! ;)


Anonymous said...

oh, and speaking of chickens...

When I raised an orphaned chick in my bedroom, he didn't turned out to be very well adjusted either. He sometimes thought he was a cat, and would hang out with the other cats and try to, well, inter-species relationships just never work out!