Thursday, July 22, 2004

Evil Duck Alert

Talking about evil ducks is nothing new for me. I first stole the idea from comedian Eddie Izzard who does a bit on Noah's Ark and evil ducks. The whole idea amuses me, so I mention them from time to time, in the hopes that someday I'll find an Evil Duck banner ad at the top of my page.

But now, Evil Ducks are no longer just an abstract idea. Now there is proof. CHECK IT OUT!

Although this latest eBay sale is nowhere near as funny as the Wedding Dress from this past spring, I'm still endlessly amused by the fact that someone is selling an evil duck. Sad to say, however, the current bid is $56, which is a bit out of my price range. Hopefully, whoever becomes the owner of said duck will keep the Internet community at large appraised of its evil activities.

Edited to add -- Upon closer examination of the eBay page, I FULLY understand the eviltude of the duck. Look carefully for the point of origin of the sale. Yes, that's right....CANADA. Say no more.


TV Junkie said...

$107.50! Holy Cow!

Anonymous said...

Your banner ads are for an UpFlush Toilet. Niiice.

babyfishfel said...

Me, I prefer the evil herbivore, the giraffe. *lope* *lope* *lope*