Thursday, July 08, 2004

Summer Days

I love to rock. I love the gentle back-and-forth motion. I have rocking chairs upstairs and downstairs. I have a chair that glides and even my ottoman moves. My backyard has a swing and a hammock for those extra lazy days. My office chair rocks and my home computer chair rocks. Everything moves, but in that slow, gentle way. Nothing fast or forced.

When I was little I loved swings. Playground swing sets 4- or 8-wide where you pushed and pulled harder and harder until you were so high you thought you would go over the top. You could tell the best swing sets by looking at the ruts underneath. The deeper the rut, the better the swing. There was nothing worse than a "dud" swing that wouldn't go very high, or fast. Swings were meant to fly; and if you pushed yourself -- even though it might be a little scary -- you felt like you could kick the clouds.

As we slide into July, I am somewhat surprised to find myself in rocker mode. Things right now are quiet and gentle. Not that there isn't plenty to do at home and work, because there is. But somehow it isn't frantic, it's just steady and rhythmic. Some days are slower, but with a little push, I get myself going again. Life right now is in an even rhythm -- TinyTuna spends her days at Day Camp, I go to work, and at night we are either at play practice or puttering outside as we wage war with the grass and the weeds.

Maybe it doesn't sound particularly exciting, but for me, it's very satisfying. I take the time to walk the garden every day and see what has grown. I cheer on the vegetables, I ooh and ahh over new flowers, I forage for boysenberries and blueberries and immediately eat them. I can't help but see lots of work to do, but it doesn't get in the way of my view of soft white mallows, fluffy pink Queens and towering day lilies.

The surprising thing is I don't miss life on the swings at all. I know that time of higher, faster, scarier will come soon enough. Until then, I'm going to savor the slower speed. Sure, my house may be a little dirtier and my chores might not all be finished. And even though I won't be able to kick the clouds, I can still take the time and look up and watch them go by.

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