Friday, July 16, 2004


Speaking of at day camp TinyTuna finishes up her "Treasure Island" week. On Fridays they have "All Camp" in the afternoon and they do lots of activities related to the theme. So today is, "Dress Like a Pirate Day".

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have any pirate clothes laying around. My vision is good enough that I don't have an eye patch, and I don't even have a puffy shirt in my closet. If you need flowing dresses and sparkly wands, I have plenty to spare, but after my unsuccessful attempt last Halloween to get her to be anything that didn't involve acres of tulle, I pretty much gave up.

So, when she came home yesterday begging for piratey clothes, I thought "now's my chance!" Off we went and found THE coolest pirate hat. I also bought her a finger puppet that I safety-pinned to her shirt, so she could have a little pirate parrot on her shoulder. She decided to skip the eye patch, which didn't surprise me, since I figured it would last about 5 minutes before she yanked it off, anyway.

All the way home I heaped on the piratey praise. "What a cool hat! You look awesome! I love the bird! I'm so glad we went and found these things!" When I was done, GramTuna went for the kill: "Now you have more than half of your costume for Halloween!"

With three-and-a-half months to go....I'm thinking I might have a chance this year.


Anonymous said...

You are SO dreaming - even the kidless BSTuna knows you're never going to get her to be a pirate! I do look forward to the dialog, tho.....

TVJ said...

*raises large curvey knife that I do not know the name of*


Anonymous said...

Avast! That thar be a cutlass, ye scurvy dawg!

- Cap'n Teem

TVJ said...

Aye, Matey. "Cutlass" .. like the car!